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How to keep the beer cold for longer?

In the middle of December and with the cold, we do not want to drink a cold drink, but it is also true that some drinks have to be drunk with a cool temperature so that we can taste it in all its properties, as in the case of beer. You want to know How to keep beer cold for longer? The invention of stubby holders has left us surprised.

They say that what the Japanese do not invent is not invented by anyone and it seems that it is absolutely true since from now on we will not have to worry anymore about the fact that our beer is hot.

“Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft” is the name of the foam that you see in the photos of this post, and in the video that I leave below and that we can apparently place on top of our beer so that it will keep it fresh for more than half an hour. It must be said that the foam is literally frozen so that when placed on the beer it provides the one that does not get hot no matter how hot it is.

The foam in question is released through a machine and in a similar way to the ice cream machines, with the difference that it is real beer foam and that it is at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, and also comes from Japan, we have the Jokki Hour Beer Jug , a jug that Takara Tomy company sells and that consists of a jug with a button that when pressed, makes a refreshing foam appear almost art of magic.

In this way we can have the jug full of foam every time we see that it has lowered its level, and also keep the beer fresh. There is who does not like a beer that is foamy so it is not necessary to press the button if we do not want.


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